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Default "Aha" moments that propelled your playing forward

Fellow beginners (or folks of all playing abilities who care to share!):

At some point or another I think we've all had that wonderfully frustrating feeling of working at something over multiple days and weeks (dare I say months? ) only for it to finally click in your mind or fingers while reading a forum reply or reviewing a tutor book.

For me, it was the epihany that the melody note in a doubling is ever so slightly accentuated from the G and D grace notes surrounding it. For the last several months I had been playing doublings as three perfectly spaced grace notes (as the notation would suggest), resulting in well-articulated but rather crushed embellishments.

I've gone back to the proverbial drawing board, slowing things down quite a bit to really dissect my doublings (under the ever vigilent eye of my tutor and Jim McGillivray's Rhythmic Fingerwork). It's a subtle adjustment but has made all of the difference in my note quality.

What was your "aha" moment that propelled your piping forward? Many would agree that we are all life-long students of the "Scottish Octopus", so perhaps there are a variety of aha! moments to be had.
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