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Default Head shakers

Some of us in our band were chatting the other evening waiting for our time to play in a gig and a couple of people mentioned those times when non-pipers say really head shaking things. For instance:

One piper had just gone to the store, all kilted up for the gig, and the young woman at the register lit up and asked if she was going to a German festival.

One piper had played a solo gig for some event. When finished, someone approached her and said, "I just LOVE the harmonica!!"

After we had played for the local Kirkin' O' the Tartans service, one of the choir members asked one of our group where she keeps the batteries.

This may have been covered before and I know has been injected incidentally in other threads as asides, but what are some of your more interesting connections with the non-piping public? I do like to ponder what is happening in people's cognitive circuitry...
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