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Default Re: Bagpipe Skin Kyloe Case Review

I now have the case, recieved it Thursday last. The case appears to be pretty robust protective and well padded. There is plenty of room for a set of pipes, although there are fewer pockets than their competition. There are two mesh pockets fairly small. I like the rigid sides, a lot. There is a handle for carrying from the side of the case (like a common violin case), and from the top, as well as a sling, and backpack straps. These are plenty of options, although the handle for carrying from the top is a bit too tight, unlike the handle on the side. It is difficult to carry with the top handle in that it is difficult to get one's entire hand into the handle space. I have enjoyed carryin the case from the top in crowds. I enjoy that larger top handle on the "Piper's Choice" backpack, a competitor which is a little narrower and has a few more pockets that this, the Kyloe Bagpipe Skin.

The handy pocket is secured to the case by four quick release clips common in belts and backpacks. These clips occur such that once the pocket is clipped to the outside, the case doesn't open unless two of the clips are undone. It would be easier if the pocket clipped on somewhat differently. The extra pocket is barely large enought for a standard binder with a 1" or 1.5" spine. My music binder is a floppy think a bit smaller than that and fits perfectly.

The reed cap sold by this firm is not unusual, but is inexpensive and apparently available in colors. I have one, and will be buying more. The Drone Bumper has worked well on my last two trips and I will also be buying more of those. The bumpers are also inexpensive and effective. I will be using them on pipes carried in the standard Bagpiper and similar cases.

All in all, they have a decent and inexpensive product which appears to offer better utility than many of the similar bagpipe cases, while possibly offering more protection.
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