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Default Re: New set by Pierre Blanchet

Originally Posted by Graineag View Post
Yes, I'm very happy to see this thread revived.

If I ever won the lottery, one of the first things I'd do is track down Pierre Blanchet and order a set of his Donald MacDonald reproductions. (Of course, seeing as how I'd won the lottery, I'd probably also buy a charming old Breton farmhouse and spend the rest of my life playing for festoł-noz and studying reedmaking, piobaireachd, and how to make a good Breton galette.)

For those of you who are not natural-born francophones, if you don't mind polishing off your rotten high school French, Patrick Molard has some wonderful descriptions, photos, and videos of his Blanchet sets on his website.

You can also hear Patrick's Donald MacDonald set on his avant-garde piobaireachd album "Light & Shade." Note however that he plays a Hamish Moore A440 chanter in order to play with other musicians on the album. The drones sound extraordinary in any case. It may have something to do with his brother Jacky's production work, but on every album I've heard of Patrick's, his drones always sound superbly rich--often much more so than on other solo piping recordings in my opinion.
Pierre was allowed to make only four reproductions of the NMS MacDonald set, one of these four being Patrick's pipe. He has made reproductions of two other MacDonald pipes, both from my collection: the first sounds almost exactly like the NMS reproduction set, the second has just been completed and has not yet been set up though the first sound tests seem to be extremely successful; the original pipe is very similar to the "Kron" MacDonald set and was probably made in the 1830's, unlike the two other pipes which can be attributed to the early 1800's. I have not yet seen pictures of Pierre's new creation made from black Chacate wood and billiard ball ivory.
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