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Default Re: New set by Pierre Blanchet

Originally Posted by Ar Soner View Post
About the number of copies of the NMS set.

I heard about this story before the trip to Scotland to measure the McD set.

Noone then ever said anything about that number of copies as far as l know.
But some people involved in all this wants to be one the "happy few" only who can have a copy.
I got an incredible message about being 'of the family'...
The restriction is not from whom you might think first.
Hugh Cheape told me that he could not remember that such a restriction was issued when he was in charge at the NMS but Pierre Blanchet is absolutely positive about this and he has no reason to invent such a story and to limit his production deliberately. I am very sure that the problem can be easily solved by contacting the NMS if anyone wants another copy of this set or to measure it for his/her own reproduction. By the way, one of the four copies was actually for sale three or four years ago. There are no "happy few" holding on their privilege of exclusivity: the reproduction was a shared project involving four people including the maker, who obtained permission to make (only) four individual copies of the pipes. I am confident that more can be made in the future.
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