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Default Re: New set by Pierre Blanchet

Originally Posted by Glenurquhart View Post
Hugh Cheape told me that he could not remember that such a restriction was issued when he was in charge at the NMS but Pierre Blanchet is absolutely positive about this and he has no reason to invent such a story and to limit his production deliberately. I am very sure that the problem can be easily solved by contacting the NMS if anyone wants another copy of this set or to measure it for his/her own reproduction. By the way, one of the four copies was actually for sale three or four years ago. There are no "happy few" holding on their privilege of exclusivity: the reproduction was a shared project involving four people including the maker, who obtained permission to make (only) four individual copies of the pipes. I am confident that more can be made in the future.

Pierre Blanchet has asked me to summarize the following information in English in response to Ar Soner’s comment:

The request of a limited number of reproductions of the NMS MacDonald set was indeed made by the custodian of the NMS at Leith in August 2009 when Pierre, Patrick Molard and Andrew Frater took measurements of the MacDonald chanter, but no specific maximum was mentioned. Pierre had previously made a reproduction prototype in resin which he generously offered to Hugh Cheape as a personal gift.

I must have misunderstood something previously: there has never been a restriction to an exact number of authorized copies. As a matter of fact the customized turning squares required for the reproduction were only issued for at least four sets at a time by the furnisher, and since the material happened to be unusually expensive given the oversize squares required for the bass drone top and the chanter there was never any further attempt to order another batch. Two sets were made for Patrick Molard and Andrew Frater who had been involved in the project from the very start, and two for Pierre’s sons. Pierre made a fifth set for himself from African ebony purchased separately. The prototype is still in Hugh Cheape’s keeping as far as I know. So there is a total of six sets, not four!

There is no current restriction, any pipemaker is free to make arrangements with the NMS for his own copy or copies of the set.
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