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Default The Highland Pipe and Scottish Society, London, 1840s

I was at a meeting of the Gaelic Society of London tonight, where we had an interesting talk on a recently discovered minute book of the society from 1830.

One interesting tidbit that tickled my ear was that in early 19th century London, a variety of Scottish and Gaelic or HIghland societies flourished. Some are well known to us of course, such as the Highland Society of London, but one society mentioned was the "Highland Pipe and Scottish Society" (no connection to the book of the same name!)

Little is known of it to the historians of the Gaelic Society, but then I think it is entirely unknown to the piping world, so I thought it might be worth posting about. Who knows, perhaps the archives of the society are in some south London attic, along with the papers of Donald Ruadh MacCrimmon...

All that is known from Gaelic Society minutes are the existence of the society, that it was fairly egalitarian in membership, and it ceased to exist around the early 1840s.
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