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Default Re: The Highland Pipe and Scottish Society, London, 1840s

It was really the second 'poster' I was replying to and just picking up on the question of Donald Ruadh having left any papers. The idea of items turning up in attics is always possible, it is not so long ago that some of the HSL papers re-emerged from an attic in Perthshire.

As far as verbatim accounts by Donald Ruadh of his own time in America are concerned the best one is probably his application in 1822 where he gives his version of his military background and I quote;-

'He was a Captain in the Highland Militia raised in North Carolina in 1774 and in 1776 was appointed a Lieutenant in the 84 Foot for which Regiment he procured 42 men that in 1778 he was removed to the British Legion and subsequently obtained a Warrant to raise men for a Company and actually procured 30, but in consequence of that Corps being taken by the Enemy at Broadriver immediately after the battle of Camden, in which engagement he was severely wounded in the right leg and lost an eye he unfortunately did not obtain his promotion'.

Curiously after touching on his lose of his American property he petitions for being made a Poor Knight of Windsor as ;-

'he is now 83 years of age with a wife and family to support upon the pay of 7/6 per diam only', (as a half pay Lieutenant).

Needing to support a wife at 83 years old yes, but children?

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