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Default Re: Top Pipers' Setup

Originally Posted by Glenurquhart View Post
I don't know how many top pipers play cane but I think that a first-class setup with cane is still hard to beat. I started with cane in the 1970's and am now returning to cane since I tested Yves Tison "MacTy's" custom-made reeds - none of my pipes being standard he adapts size, length and strength to the individual specs and pitch of the set. The reeds still need time to settle but patience is rewarded with a full sound and rich overtones.
Not many (if any) are playing full cane - even a cane bass with synthetic tenors seems to be falling out of favor for full synthetic.

A lot of the top pipers are available to contact through email or Facebook and are usually more than happy to share their setup. A database is nice, but you'll find some of the players have totally different setups from a few years ago, so it's hard to keep updated.
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