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Default Re: Glen Miniature HB bag options?

Originally Posted by Glenurquhart View Post
I play the Henderson with a tiny conical Highland chanter of the same vintage which plays in C.
Thanks for that! It explains the reed trouble I was having!

My miniature pipes came with no chanter, which was fine, because I wanted a modern A=440 Scottish Smallpipe chanter anyhow.

When I stuck reeds in the drones, some mini cane reeds I happened to have, and EzeeDrone smallpipe reeds, they played very sharp, in C! I had no idea that they made tiny C chanters back then.

In any case I needed the drones to play much lower, in A, and what did the trick was a set of EzeeDrone D uilleann pipe reeds.

Strange I know, but the EzeeDrone uilleann reeds, designed to give D, gave a perfect A=440 in these drones, tuning in the nice pin positions you see in the photo, reliable to strike in, and perfectly stable.

BTW some might question the wood of my miniature pipes, and I think it was the wood that put off rival Ebay buyers. (I was the only bidder.)

However I have played and seen a large number of 19th century cocus London-made flutes and I know how the wood colour can vary in the same instrument. For many years I played a c1860 London-made cocus flute, all sections original with matching stamps, yet the footjoint was mid-brown while the other sections were near-black. Whenever anyone would look at that flute they would say "replacement foot?" and I would show them the matching stamps.

So the fact that the various sections of this miniature set are those various colours doesn't make me think that it's a Frankenpipe.
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