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Default Re: Recent Visitors - for fun, for a day

Well, that was very interesting, an enjoyable trip down memory lane.

I've turned off the "Recent Visitors" feature - sorry about the slow responses that resulted from it. It is very clear that beyond about 200 active users (at any time) the software really chokes.

FWIW - Sunday we saw a peak of 151 active - Sundays are our slowest days, but that number is WAY higher than I would ever have expected on a Sunday. Today (Monday, usually one of the busiest days) the peak was 259 - While an amazingly large number, it is actually lower than I expected (but I can think of a couple of reasons for that)

Regardless - we're back to the 'optimal' configuration, Recent visitors turned off, and everything set up to give the best response possible, given our scary big levels of activity.

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