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Originally Posted by apease View Post
el gaitero - is there any specific configuration you'd recommend?
I'd recommend MG carbon reeds to go with your Mccallum pipes. Selbie is another good choice. Noodle Google to find the Pipers Dojo vid of how to set the drone reeds most air efficient. Learn a little too about tuning your drones.

Don't waste time with the practice chanter reed in your pipe chanter. Check out pipers Hut in OH to get an easy strength cane reed. Shepherd standard reed goes well in Mccallum chanters. Ask the owner Jon to personally pressure check them to give you some reeds that are 20-25" max h20 strength.

Play for 15-20 min. with only one drone..any drone..plug the others... then two drones, on so on.

With drones set efficiently and a useable chanter reed in a week or two you'll be on your way. Perserverence.

do you have a basic synthetic bag or hybrid syn bag? What maker?

Do you have a proper experienced instructor? That would be a huge help.

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