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Default Columbus Scottish Festival (9/8, USA)

1: St Louis Caledonian (2,3,2,1)
2: Fountain Trust (1,2,3,2) (BBC)
3: Louisville (3,1,1,3) (BDC)

G4 Medley
1: St Louis Caledonian (1,2,1,2)(BDC)
2: Louisville (3,1,3,1)
3: Fountain Trust (2,3,2,3)(BBC)

1: Fort Wayne Scottish (1,1,1,1) (BDC)(BBC)

Grade 4 MSR was a three way tie, broken by Ensemble.[B]Grade 4 MSR

Judges were Scott McCawley (P1), Matt Pantaleoni (P2), Jim Sim (D), and Tom Ogilvy (E).

Grade 4 MSR was a three way tie, broken by Ensemble.The Columbus Scottish Festival is a small contest in Columbus, Indiana, about 40 minutes south of Indianapolis, and an hour and a half north of Louisville. It was dumping buckets on us, but the games had a rain plan, so we had tuning areas and contest areas under cover - nice and dry!

Full results, including solos, can be found on the MWPBA website.

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