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Default Re: What the Masters are playing

Originally Posted by Mainebagpipes View Post
Bruce was playing his 2011 McCallums, not his Hendersons.
Originally Posted by Søren E. Larsen View Post
Pretty sure it's a set of old Hendersons Bruce is competing with here.
I would say that I take Mainebagpipes' word for it, I know he takes lessons from Bruce. I saw your site from your signature, looks like you take lessons from Bruce as well?

McCallums make sense to me, Bruce told us at a workshop this past spring (2018) that he often uses his McCallum pipes for international travel ... I believe to cut down on the issues of CITES and the like. That workshop was in the US, and he that weekend he was also playing his McCallums. But I've not seen this particular performance.

He can make any set of pipes sing ... I daresay all of these folks can.


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