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Default Re: On competition

Interesting read. In the US, I suspect that the drive for school musicians to compete is due (maybe in part) to the imbalance between sports and arts.

When funding gets tight, the first programs under threat are the music programs. Sports, somehow seems to avoid these threats. In fact, look at all or most high schools in the US and the infrastructure and expense given over sports such as football far outweigh those to the arts.

Studies continually show the connection between learning and performing music with higher academic scores. I doubt the same can be truly said for sports. Unfortunately due to funding issues, it seems that music programs feel they have to try to emulate the competitive atmosphere in sports.

However, competition can be a useful driver to improvement. I view myself as proof of this. Solo competition has encouraged me to listen critically, work on technique and musicality beyond what I may have achieved without the drive to elevate myself in the competition circle.

Sorry, if it seems that I am sitting on the fence on this issue. However, I feel that the issues at play are fairly complex.

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