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Default Re: On competition - is music a sport

In a word: no. I cannot view competitions (I'll use those I've experienced in junior high and high school here in the US) as sports. They are artistic, very hard-fought in their application and great sources of personal and group satisfaction. However, until there is a way to make the result objective (there go judges!), it will remain a competitive endeavor, not a sport. I currently take part in competitions at Highland Games and wouldn't consider these to be sports, either. You can list any one of a number of factors: judges, no standard on who plays what (within grades and events--don't even get me started on piobaireachd!), rules on Highland dress, and personal taste/prejudice.

As far as sports being chosen over fine arts in our (US) schools, 'twas ever thus. With the head start that sports have as a source of pride and revenue, fine arts always seem to be poor cousins. What people are willing to fanatically support and pour their civic aspirations into, will get the lion's share of funds, regardless of relative merit and worth.

These are my opinions. I will use as my bona fides: member of bands and orchestras in junior and high schools, member of regional select orchestra, marching band, interscholastic and intercollegiate athlete and a late in life bagpiper and competitor.

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