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Default Bag Sizing Confusion

Hi, here with yet another question, this time about pipe bag sizes. I don't play in a band so there's no one whose pipes I can test.. And I've only had one bag on the pipes in my 20+ years of sporadic playing, a 10" L&M hide (yup, still airtight)

I'm 6' tall and about 155 pounds. Conventional wisdom says I should get a medium bag, say 10.5". But I also get a lot of pain in my left forearm and wrist when I play. Does that mean I should get something smaller than 10" or get a cut with the front sloped in more and the stocks moved forward a bit?

Definitely want some sort of animal skin, that much I do know.

Any help is most appreciated. It's a co$tly investment one wants to get right..
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