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Default The plan for this Forum

We're trying something new here, and as always we'll ask for co-operation and understanding as we attempt to 'fine tune' a forum that is completely new.

The plan:

There are many places where we can find a single person's view / review, but here we hope to have threads with the views of many - thinking this will be much more valuable that a single person's opinions..

Please start a new thread for each CD, DVD, Music Book, Tape, ... that is the subject of the review. Please use as the Subject the name of the CD/Book/Tape?... If the subject CD, Book, Tape ... is already being discussed in a thread, then add to that thread.. Please do not have multiple subject CD, Books, etc. in a thread..

If you have positive or negative comments, please try to explain them. Please don't get personal, or offended, and try to keep everything at a very respectful level. It is possible, I think, to explain why you don't like a track, CD, Book, etc.. without offending - and we ask that you attempt to do so.

With any luck we'll have lots of views / opinions added to threads so a set of comments of any reasonable sort, from any reasonable person, should be just fine..

Also - we have discussed a bit of this plan in the Forum Related:

And I will thank you in advance for your understanding if the plans / rules / guidelines for this forum evolve over time..

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