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Default (Core-tec) Heads a-poppin'!

Our band has just purchased a large set of used drums, about eight years old I think, previously used by two well-known Grade 1 bands. The set included eleven Premier HTS-800's. We've just put brand new Core-tec top heads on all of them -- the regular straw-colored uncoated ones -- and within three weeks, three of them (all on different drums) have broken. They are ripping at the edge. I've never seen this happen before and we're wondering why.

We put them on very carefully and "by the book" ... checked and sanded the bearing edges, put a little chapstick on the bearing edges, greased the bolts, brought them up to tension gradually, little at a time, used a JK tuning block, etc. -- did everything right as far as I know. So what's going on?

Our D/S talked to a friend in Colorado who also experienced some heads breaking recently. Anybody else having a problem with Core-tecs? Did we get a bad batch? Are there production issues with the manufacturer? These things aren't cheap -- we really need to figure out why this is happening.
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