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Default Re: (Core-tec) Heads a-poppin'!

Took them down to 6 (meaning 6 will slide into the gap and 5 won't) on the black JK tuning block -- the older model. I can't remember who it was years ago that gave me the advice to lightly sand the wooden bearing edge just to make sure it is smooth and has no little burrs or rough spots (especially on a drum that's about eight years old and has been used by two bands already). That person suggested coating with chapstick, some people use a little vaseline, I suppose there are other things but I can't see why that would be detrimental.

Some people I've spoken to have suggested that on the HTS-800 you can't (or at least shouldn't) tighten down the Core-tecs as much as you can with other heads. A couple others have said that the Premier drum (or at least that model) is slightly larger in diameter and that the 14-inch Core-tec heads don't fit it well, whereas other head manufacturers offer a slightly larger-size head that does fit. Any truth to that?

I went back and looked at original posts on this forum when the HTS-800 first came out, and Bob M. (Meade?) noticed that the top ring on his became warped (out of circular shape, like an oval almost) after putting a Core-tec head on.
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