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Default Re: why am I so nervous

I've been piping for the past 25 years and still don't really know how to settle myself before a contest. I don't struggle at all playing at a wedding or funeral, but when it comes to competing solo in front of a judge, I begin to fall apart. My hands tighten around the chanter, my mind wanders, and I'm constantly evaluating my performance rather than enjoying the tune I'm playing. I've even fiddled with my tape on the chanter even thought minutes before it sounded just right. So here's my strategy for my next event:

1. Practice all the tunes on both the chanter and more importantly on the pipes. Play each tune through to the end as if playing for the judge.
2. Get some good practice chanter work in on the more difficult parts of each tune to work out the kinks and improve execution and musicality.
3. Play the completion tunes out in public for others to see, critique. Play for your instructor, bandmates, or anyone that all listen.
4. Arrive early to your solo event. Warm up at least 20 minutes so your pipes settle in. Don't mess with the tape unless you absolutely must.
5. Play some aires in front of the judge before starting your solo piece. Fine tune if necessary, but hopefully it won't be necessary.

Thoughts? Any other suggestions?


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