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Default John Walsh's Caledonian Country Dances Podcast

Not that John Walsh.
This week’s Episode focuses on John Walsh’s 1750 Caledonia Country Dances, as well as a bit of the History of the Father and Son (both named John Walsh) that ruled London’s Printed Music scene for half a century.
Matt Seattle: Lady McIntosh’s Reel or O’er the Hills For A’ That
Walsh: Hare in the Corn, My Ain Kind Deary, Turnbridge Frisk, Country Bumkin
James Aird, Bab at the Bowster
O’Farrell: Hare in the Corn, My ain kind Deary, “Handle’s Minuett”

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Check out the latest episode of my podcast if you want to hear to some historic piping tunes. You can find it on any of your favorite podcast listeners or here:
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