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Default Re: New Remo Cybermax Heads and Old Premiers

Originally Posted by Tom MacKenzie View Post
KS-0514-PR The Cybermax® White Premier 14.071" diameter
KS-0524-00 The Cybermax® White drumhead 13" or 14"

I was shipped the KS052400 heads. Upon phoning the dealer I was told "This is a universal head that we have had specially made due to the high breakage of the -PR heads and should fit on HTS-700's."

Well it doesn't.

What has been your experience, can you still get the KS0514PR heads?

My older Premier luckily fits the 0524, but I wanted to make sure. Maybe start at DrumsPlus. They at least recognize the difference, unlike most local shops when they look through the catalog.
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