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Default Forum house cleaning - Read Only archive

I have known for a long time that we're in dangerous territory (server performance wise) with some of our largest forums (Music, Beer Tent, Trading Post, and Technique & Instrument). With our continuing growth it is VERY clear now I have to do some archiving - making these popular forums much smaller (in terms of posts).

I will, by the end of the weekend, move all but the last week or so of posts from those 4 forums (for the TP, I'll leave a month), into a 'Read Only Archive' section, which will still be available to everyone (at the bottom of the Forums list), but ... (will be read only ).

I have been searching for a long term solution to our 'growth problem'. We are so large now that we in fact exceed the limits for the software platform I had originally thought we would migrate to when the 'time came' - I'm doing a lot of research into solving this problem - but the archiving should help 'for now'

All things considered, I guess to be still growing at our rate is a cool problem to have..

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