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Default About the Moderators

I am very proud that we have such great moderators for these forums. The fact that these (well respected) experts are each willing to spend time to support this (forum) effort is truly exciting to me, and from what I'm seeing in my email.. exciting to you readers / viewers / contributors as well..

I do want to point out the obvious(?), each of the moderators has a real life (unlike me ), and each is (I know) a bit concerned as to the time required here; as a result of the real world they will not be spending all their time on / in their forums. (It feels funny writing this, but..
I don't want viewers to think the moderators are watching 24/7 - or anything like that)

Each moderator will, as their time allows, be involved.. but please understand.. IMHO, getting people like Bob Worrall, Terry Lee, Jack Lee, Chris Hamilton, Ken MacKenzie, Buzz Brown, Richard Mao, Neil Dickie ... etc. involved (at all) is a great and wonderful thing... That they've come on board as moderators is even more exciting. I mean, talk about expertise, knowledge, experience ... This is great!!

Please contribute, and get involved.. We're trying (I think it is clear) to have a high quality, reasonable, informative, safe and supportive place to discuss Piping, Drumming, and Dance...


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