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Default Re: Old Dogs... New Tricks?

Originally Posted by pancelticpiper View Post
Back in the late 1970s when our band was playing wood Hardies with moulded reeds (were ridge-cut reeds around yet?) the G# fingering that worked was


(finger E and lift the thumb) or some variant of that, in other words using a fingering that flattened High A down to G#.

snip Probably chanter and reed-dependent, but on my 1979 McLeod of Forfar chanter, the first one works fine, tuned at or just a few hz above A=Concert B flat
Originally Posted by pancelticpiper View Post
As I recall


was a tad better.

But those fingerings don't usually work well with the modern competition setup of 480+ chanters and ridge-cut reeds.

What does work is


(play C and lift the G gracenote finger).

I'm grateful I don't have to play at 480hz+
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