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Default Re: Celtic multi-instrumentalists?

I'm a serial monogamist when it comes to instruments.

Currently, I play GHB, smallpipes, uilleann pipes, wooden flute, whistle, and--just to be extra obtuse--Arabic and Turkish ouds (different tuning).

In the past, I've also played piano, guitar, electric bass, and trombone, although I don't play them often enough these days to say that I really "play" them...

I was pretty serious into GHB and smallpipes in my teens and early 20s, and at the time, I played a lot of Irish tunes on them and lots of stuff with slides, C and F naturals, that kind of thing. Then I discovered uilleann pipes and my GHB rarely saw the light of day for about 12 years...

Having got my ya-yas out on UP for so long, I came back to GHB really wanting to play heavy competition tunes and piobaireachd... Maybe I was looking for the illusion of control in my life or something... I just woke up one morning thinking, "I need to play 2/4 marches RIGHT NOW!!!!" So heavy competition stuff is mostly what I play on the GHB at this point (even though I don't currently compete--still on the fence about that)... I still like to play some West Coast Scottish and Cape Breton stuff and also a handful of Breton tunes, but I mostly save Irish tunes for flute and UP. I play a few GHB tunes on flute, and there are a few in D that sound great on UP, but I've never made much effort to transfer my repertoire across all the instruments I play.
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