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Default Re: Celtic multi-instrumentalists?

I've been playing Highland pipes, uilleann pipes, and Irish whistle since the 1970s.

For over a decade I've been playing a nice antique set of Scottish Smallpipes.

In the trad trio I've been playing with for nearly 30 years I play uilleann pipes, whistles, Scottish smallpipes, and bodhran.

The repertoire dictates the instrument for me. ITM works far better on uilleann pipes and Irish whistle, Highland pipe tunes work far better on SSPs. (The other members of the trio, on fiddle and guitar, don't normally switch instruments, but in a crisis the fiddler might break out her accordion!)

The GHBs are strictly for the Pipe Band and solo gigs, for me.

Those instruments are my current situation. Go back 20 years and I was regularly playing for Bulgarian dances on Gaida and Kaval, doing duet gigs with a Spanish guy on Gaitas, and playing Cornish gigs on a set of Julian Goodacre Cornish Double Pipes.

I also played Border pipes and Northumbrian pipes for a few years.

Then there was the Andean music! I played Kenas and Sikus.

I've got rid of all that extra stuff. I don't do those gigs any more and I don't need those instruments.

I got rid of my Irish flutes too (I played flute for 30 years) due to persistent hand cramping.
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