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Default Re: Parting Glass, 2nd part

Originally Posted by David View Post
Odd still how many Irish singers sing those first few bars so differently.
Tá dhá insint ar 'chuile scéal, is dhá leagan déag ar amhrán.
'There are two ways of telling every story, and twelve ways of singing a song.'

I've never bothered checking but I don't think 'The Parting Glass' was originally Irish, but I could be wrong, of course. My impression is that it was popularised by the ballad groups of the 1960s and 70s, who would have found it in Colm O Lochlainn, Irish Street Ballads (Dublin, 1939) – 'the bible of the ballad boom'. So, the version there would be 'definitive', if one was required, and the ultimate source of most of those now in print.
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