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Default Re: Info on Pipe Major David Arthur Smith

Alrot (Southern accent) here's the download link for both Cock O' the North and the Heilan' Laddie set by D. A. Smith, remastered from Tony Langford's volume 1 cd (1898-1920). These are the last two tracks of the CD. Note that this is a Zip file, so you'll need to unzip it to listen to the recordings.
Maybe compare these recordings to the ones on Youtube that PerfDavid uploaded playing on his Victrola, you'll notice a huge difference in tonal quality.
Note: All warping, slides, and other undesirable pitch changes have been corrected by me, not to mention equalization to make the recordings as smooth as possible. I still haven't found a way to remedy the crackling or debris noise; even though there is software to correct this, it doesn't work with a screen reader!


PS. I have remastered literally all of the other records in Tony's collection like this, so if you're interested to hear a record that would have been, for example, otherwise suffered from terrible warping, just let me know. Warping is where the pitch bends up and down due to the RPM, making the piper appear to be an unsteady blower.
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