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Default Re: David Lindsey Practice Chanter

Originally Posted by Josh Whitson View Post
I received a David Lindsey blackwood/moose practice chanter for Christmas from my grandfather. The chanter looks great, and sounds even better! Much more responsive than any other PC I've played, and sounds like a real instrument. His prices are also substantially less than other high-end PCs sold by the big names. Extremely customizable and unique, he makes chanters out of everything from the standard materials to old fence posts, and for his composite chanters he can make them in seemingly any color.

Facebook page (updated more frequently):

I don't think I'll buy (or recommend) a PC from anyone else again.

I have no connection to him or his company. Simply a happy customer.
Please be advised that the correct website URL is: as well as the facebook page where David is constantly updating. The website is still a work in progress MY apologies. David not only make PC's but also Full bagpipes with the one and only Castle Tops. I do hope you stop by and take a look.
Thank you
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