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Default Re: Over thinking the movements

Originally Posted by bob864 View Post
And yet many teachers have noticed improved student outcomes when they implement classroom technique based on the theory.

Haven't you ever met some pipers who learned better by listening to a tune, while others learned better from sheet music?

Yes. Of course whatever skill you are better at is easier for you; that's the definition of "skill".

It follows that pandering to a students preferences will result in a superficial improvement, yes. Does that mean we should? No. It means there is a skill deficit that we should address.

A lot of what is confidently asserted in the field of pedagogy are ideas that are dreamt up by educationalists, with no evidence behind their derivation. Some get tested, some do not, and then they are thrown into the soup of teacher training and repeated ad infinitum. Of course all have some correlation with the real world, just like Freud's theories do. But they don't relate to anything that's actually going on in the brain.
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