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Default The plan for this Forum

Something new - a forum specifically for the sharing of your photos - photos of you, your band, your instrument, events, etc.. Piping related (at least sort of .. please )..


1) Reasonable size of images - under 600 pixels on the long side. If a reasonable compression is used, the file sizes should not be too large.

2) Start new threads for new subjects - this forum is just for photos, so there is no need to 'hijack' or pile on or .. just start a new thread..

3) ..?

How to post photos - a short set of hints:

You must have the image on a web server or web page somewhere. You cannot upload pictures to this site directly from your computer. If you do not have a website / server where you can load your photos, there are free ones .. like

Once you have the image on a server / web page, then you can right click on the image you want to post and copy the URL (address).

Then in a post here click on the "image" button located below the reply box.

Paste the URL address of the picture into the box that pops up.

Click the "preview post" button to make sure you did it right.

As problems pop up (if), then we'll add to these guidelines..

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