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Default Re: Free sites - to host your photos and videos

Bob, photos videos

I'm one week new to your website but am very impressed with the tremendous job you do! Thank you for your years of hard work. I also have just started to check out the BC organization site as well.

Just returned from my first games in 15 years at Pomona in California where I saw some great bands but was very impressed with the 3 and 4 bands from Robert Malcolm. I enjoyed trying out a new toy my kids had gotten me a while back, a digital camera that also takes video clips.

My point relates to photo/video hosting.

My kids suggested for video clips.
It's easy to use 'cause even I can do it. I've posted about 15 video clips of the Pomona games...and several of Robert Malcolm.

My photos are hosted by a Google related

I LOVE FLICKR. Easy to use, seamless, great functionality and features...very intuitive.

But, after posting to this website and a few band's websites, over 3,000 people have viewed my photos at
where I have about 60 photos of the Pomona Games and several of Robert Malcolm.

Over 300 people have viewed my wee video clips

Thanks again!
Casual Clicks (Jeff Lowe) Hawthorne, CA
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