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Default Re: How many sets do you own?

Three -

1982 ABW Kintail KB-3 - this was my first set, purchased direct from Grieg Sharpe. My instructor, a professional piper, recommended Kintail at the time. Kintail had its problems over the years, but the set I got had outstanding tone and I won a number of prizes including Piper of the Day with it. There was a problem with the stocks splitting and I had to replace the middle tenor stock. Felt that Kintail wasn't doing a very good job of curing the ABW. Hope to one day pass this set on to one of my grandchildren, good starter set.

2012 ABW Dunbar DB-6 - this is my band set, very good bold tone.

1963 ABW Henderson S&I - my solo set, outstanding tone, bit more refined with Canning drone reeds.

Cheers -

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