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Default Re: Canmore Hybrid bags

Originally Posted by salmunmousavi View Post
Iím a big fan of my Canmore Medium bag. I switched over from a Bannatyne Synthetic bag a few months ago, and I donít think Iíll switch back ever. Hybrid bags give you more durability for striking in, and Iíve really loved Canmoreís quality of stitching. Doesnít feel like itíll ever fall apart.

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Ditto for me. I assume stitching you refer to is around the zipper.

I did also play Bannatyne bag ...very good product until it leaked.....but had the impression the bag material became a slight bit less beefy when they switched to the tan color material 4-5 years ago.
Iíve found the current Canmore hybrid to be ..or feel..beefier...closer to the real deal.
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