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Default Re: Favorite SSP Chanter?

Originally Posted by David Murry View Post
Thanks, guys and thanks for those details, Kevin.

With a C chanter; I’m assuming you keep your drones at E and A?
With a C chanter, you'd probably want your drones at C and G to have the same harmonic relationship as you'd have with an A chanter and drones at A and E (or AEa). That would probably involve getting different drones as well. (Or at least new top sectios for the drones). Many 3-piece Bass SSP drones can be made to play a different pitch by removing the middle section , sing only the bottom and top sections ( My A bass thus becomes a D bass when I'm playing a D chanter, my E baritone can also tune down to D, giving me the option of two basses) , but the A Tenor ( Mine, at least) won't tune down to G, so I have an extender plug that goes in the "Bell" to bring the pitch down to G. In your case , you'll probably want to bring the tenor up to C, which would involve a new drone top section, a whole new C drone, or a D tenor drone that you could tne down to C.

If you have a set of SSP in A, you might be better off just getting an A chanter you really like.
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