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Default Re: Outrageous Uniforms

I've been going to many of the California games since the mid-1970's and I don't recall the band Bill mentions at the top here, but I have seen a lot of weird things. There are three categories of badness perhaps: 1)It's true that in areas fairly isolated from the mainstream of piping you will find out-of-fashion things still being worn. Our local example is a number of pipe bands which still wear Prince Charlies, some even with bow ties, like bands did back in the 1970's. I remember back then when pipe bands were going away from Full Dress and were looking for alternatives, which were civilian Day Dress or Evening Dress. So, you saw bands wearing lovat blue jackets and balmorals, or bands wearing Prince Charlies and bowties. Then some bands started a hybrid look, wearing Prince Charlies but with long ties. In the mainstream areas these looks pretty much died out with the evolution of the modern Pipe Band look- Argyll jackets, white hose, and Glengarries, but backwater bands still cling to the old 70's look. 2)It is common to see people at US games wearing bizarre anachronistic combinations of things- Renaissance shirts with horsehair sporrans, strange leather sacklike sporrans and great kilts worn with Dr Martens shoes, hosetops worn without spats, US military shirts (complete with hundreds of patches, badges, ribbons, etc) worn with womens' skirts and moccasins, etc etc. But I've not seen pipe bands wearing this stuff. 3)You can have "normal" Highland Dress which is just plain ugly. I saw a band at a local games that wore Prince Charlies and the hideous yellow MacLeod tartan, in fact that tartan was worn everywhere possible- tartan full hose, bagcovers, pipe ribbons, fly plaids, and even a tartan ribbon going around the base of the Balmoral bonnet! The topper was a band that came down from Canada in full dress with the ugly Buchanan tartan. Bad enough with the pipers in their dark green doublets- but the drummers were in yellow doublets!
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