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Default Re: Question from a piper

Fashion changes. I started drumming in the mid-70s. Duthart was the standard, but you could tell individual drum corps by their styles. Greats like Turner, Connell, Kirkwood, and Montgomery were easily distinguishable. Young lead tips like Jim King started rocking as pipe tunes opened up in a rounded style. Phrases started to get shorter; easier not to screw up than a long run of singles, and the kevlar heads and higher pipe pitches changed the sound for good.

I still listen and enjoy the old band recordings, and do not find fault with the blips and blooters that were heard even from the best bands. I play them on my radio show and enjoy hearing back from folks who either loved them as kids or were players in the bands of the time. There is great music in those old LPs, and all the respect in the world for trying to get cane reeds and heads stretched to the limit to behave.

As a piper now, I am only mildly interested in listening to drumming because of the similarity of the music between bands playing styles originating from Dickie's kitchen piping. No harm in it, just no interest. A drummer's job is to enhance the pipe music. It's simple, but easily forgotten while chasing the precious metals. What I miss most of all is the small silences. As George Pryde's student Davie Bruce once told me, "..the most important thing is when you don't play".
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