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Default Re: Question from a piper

Tom makes an excellent point about so called 'easier' lower grade tunes, those long notes are problematic and not just for the LD to arrange scores for, but having to do it in the knowledge that lower grade pipers tend not to hold those long notes to their true value!

So an LD in such a band has to be aware of all those ensemble issues. It's easier for drummers to accompany pipers in higher grades who are expected to be able to play true note values.

A point to remember too is, someone mentioned the Duthart score for the 'Rant'. I'd venture to guess if he was arranging a score for it today, it wouldn't be exactly the same. Why, because the thing people forget today is tempos! Generally speaking, Strathspeys (and for that matter marches & reels) tempos today are a lot slower than in the '70's -80's. Tempos have a huge bearing on drum scores... huge!!

Without getting into the opinions of that, good or bad, of tempos, (that's a whole 'nother topic), it needs to be remembered that Alex arranged scores in the '70's for those MSR tempos back then. Even in the late 80's Strathspeys were being played @ around 124-6 bpm! Try playing the Rant at that! I think it was the polis that started slowing things down back then for clean execution, and because they had won six in a row, everyone followed suit.
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