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Default Re: Dumb things pipers do (or say)

Originally Posted by Ray Main View Post
Got all my stuff together and drove 100 miles from Garden Grove, to Ventura California, got my hotel, and discovered no Kilt.

Drove 100 miles from Ventura to Garden Grove, to find kilt hanging nice and neat in the closet.

Drove 100 miles back to Ventura just in time to go straight to bed.

300 miles of driving on a friday evening through Los Angeles traffic, just to compete in a 2/4 march and a slow air... in grade IV.. to boot.

Lesson learned well...
I drove off to a Scottish festival an hour away to play for the evening's events, and also realised that I had forgotten my kilt. I had arrived several hours early, but did not check my gear until the last minute when there was no time left for the 2-hour round trip.

The show was for very good pay, and my absence would have messed up a lot of people. A drummer in a sort-of Irish group wore a kilt, and he gave it to me to use. He was skinny as a rail, a crime of which I am not guilty, and the kilt only closed with no overlap on the apron, and several large safety pins. We hung the sporran low and prayed for darkness. Fortunately, the outdoor lighting was very dim, and I aquitted myself with acute embarassment instead of utter catastrophe. New rule: when you get past 55, make lists and set reminders with alarms.

To my surprise, I was paid in full, though I offered to take nothing. Even got hired again by the same fellow.
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