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Default Re: Dumb things pipers do (or say)

Greetings to All,

This may turn into a very long Thread....
mere mortals... as we are...

We... or most... have all done it, time to time...
and shall... mayhaps... yet again...

I am most fortunate to be in such fine company!!

As well as having committed the several of the more
usual mishaps already cited (banged drones, chipped
chanter reeds, etc., et al), and during regular, band-
playing hours, a major lapse of mind befell me a while
back, and... at about three o'clock in the morning...

We had played several venues (taverns, actually, would
be a more precise word)... and on into the wee of the

Some had ridden with others, some had driven themselves
to our several "venues."

At the end of it, at the last place, one of my mates was in
NO condition to drive himself home, so I gathered up himself,
our instruments, all our kit and gear, and maneuvered all into
my car, and himself and kit and gear safely to his front door.

A bit later, at MY front door, unloading the car, I discover that
I had, indeed, put a pipe case in the car... but only HIS!!.. and
mine was, apparently, and still, at our last spot!

Like a shot... back to the tavern.. a lump in my throat... and
a knot in my stomach...and through the door (they had a really
late license), and the bartender looked up smilingly and said;
"Thought I'd be seein' you again this morning."

He poured (yet another) Guinness, and put it, and my pipe case,
back up on the bar... (And the Bells of Heaven did ring!)

This has happened exactly ONCE!... and is more than sufficient,
at least... for my lifetime.

Regards to All,

My friends all know,
With what a brave carouse...
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