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Default Extend range pipe chanters

When I was looking for a type of pipe to replace my renaissance pipes, there werenít to many options available for a pipe that had more than one octave+. There is the border pipe but, most only go an octave and a Fourth and have a similar sound to the GHB. Leaving pretty much the Uilleann pipes, and I was hoping not to have to go there. I was looking for a less challenging instrument, with a little different sound. I ended up with the pastoral pipes, a rather rare breed. These have the range I was looking for, and a different sound. They still are a challenge though.

This summer while attending the Pipers Gathering, Julian Goodacre and Collum Armstrong introduced a extended range small pipes chanter relying on a speaker key ~ (an octave key), and a couple of keys to bridge the gap of the octave leap over the12th, extending the range to 22 notes. Collumís playing of the pipe was very impressive!

I just clicked on an ad here at BD, for Lindsay System Chanter and Donald Lindsay has produced a new design of chanter that also extends the range, but without relying on keys. . This is also very interesting. Has anyone have experience with this instrument? It looks very promising!

These pipes offer a hole new world for the musician interested in playing the pipes, and wanting the extending range of other instruments.

Iíd be interested in hearing what others think about these developments. Iím not sure Iíd change my pipes, but I wish these options would have been available when I was in the market.
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