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Default Re: Extend range pipe chanters

TJones - the 3D printing provided a way for me to design the chanter, without having to tool a workshop & ascend the woodturning learning curve first. It also allows ideas to be prototyped that might not be feasible using other methods. My intention however was that the end product of "Dreaming Pipes" would be a chanter that could be produced using traditional methods though, and I've been consulting with makers as I go, to try to ensure this - mainly this has involved "proving" an idea with printing, and then looking at ways that the design could be adjusted to make it more "accessible" for other production methods.

Part of the inspiration for adding the lower range of D, E & F# (the "back bore" notes"), was originally also to facilitate a High "B". It's a "kill two birds with one stone" kind of design - if the chanter is closed down to low "E", then you trip the register, high "B" is what you get since that's an interval of a "12th" from "E".

The second register continues up from there, with low "F#" giving high "C#", and low "G" giving the high "D". As with the new low notes, these new high notes centre around the "back bore", and the range is effectively extended by three scale steps either side of the traditional "A" scale (low D, E, F# and High B, C#, D)

It is possible to continue higher, particularly with the version 2 chanter (I can reach a second High "B", above the Border pipes High "A"). That takes a lot of practice though, and the chanter is really designed to play within the two octave range D to D as described.

Baxter - as Patrick's saying, the chanter can be played with really any small pipes. The beta testers have a wide range of pipes - none play my drones, as I only recently began offering my own drones to the public, and in fact for some time I played the chanter with a set of drones by Philip Gruar, until I was satisfied with my own drone set.
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