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Default Re: Extend range pipe chanters

Donald this sounds very exciting!

I'm always on the lookout for more range from my Scottish pipes. I play uilleann pipes and I'm always having to play those at gigs where songs which go beyond Scottish capabilities are requested.

Years ago I had a lovely D NSP set by Colin Ross that went down to Low G, and the tone down there was amazing. The equivalent is your A Scottish chanter that goes down to D. Think of the harmonies two SSP chanters with such a range can do! (You need Low D to hit the bass note for tunes in D, of course.)

Yes indeed High B opens up hundreds of tunes that are otherwise unplayable. I've been nagging Kenny MacLeod on and off for years about introducing a McCallum Highland pipe chanter with a High B key, either a full-size tone hole up there, or a vent hole which allows Low B to correctly overblow.
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