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Default Re: Rebuilding A Band

Originally Posted by Zummerhaus View Post
Thanks guys for the suggestions so far.

I'm trying to stay positive, although the suggestions I'm making keep getting shot down or that old chestnut "we've tried that before".

It's really incredible - I'm not long in the door, and know it'd be a lot of work, but they seem content with what they're doing, or happy to moan. I'm tempted to take on the PM role but I've other things in my life and would need help and support from these guys, but they don't seem to want to change things.
There are many great suggestions, above. In response, you've touched on a key issue having to do with leadership and support. Many of us have known P/Ms of various styles. Some dictators; some so-called beneficent ones; some collaborative; and some passive and ineffective. I believe that an effective P/M needs the support of the band, notwithstanding also needing to be a leader. I've witnessed too many bands with factions...some the grumbling "old timers"; and some who want to progress. If both don't buy in to some direction, it's a rudderless ship.

Even with support, I believe that a band needs focus. Not only does it need to know what it is and at what level it wishes to strive and play; it serves to keep a fairly narrow focus as it grows...not trying to be all things to all ends and people. That applies, also, to tune selection, number of tunes, and maintenance of an achievable (and, we hope, decent) level of play. The band doesn't have to, nor should, be something it's not (e.g., higher grade competition band when it's just starting out); but bands that play well (and looking good doesn't hurt) tend to attract a level of player that will enhance that level.
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