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Default Re: List of pipe supplies stores, etc

Originally Posted by Leong View Post
Have you seen this page: ...
I haven't, so thank you. I've just been poking through there, and yes, rather out-dated.

Thanks for the kind words, you seem to grasp my intentions quite well. Indeed, the above mentioned page starts upon what I was thinking, but with this ever-changing world we live-in, I-for-one would relish having a place where folks can help keep each other informed on what's out there, and what isn't.

I've literally bought a book or two from a good twenty different retailers over the last few months, and there have been many failed attempts at purchases during this time. Some retailers I eventually had to give up on, whereas others, just as I thought they were defunct, a few minutes later I'd get a phone call, and a few days later, my parcel would arrive.

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