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Default Re: Lament for MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart, #1

Very nice stuff. My only comment on the playing is slightly clipped short notes in the taorluath singling - you wouldn't sing those notes that quickly, and then the transition to the doubling is a bit dodgy (memory lapse?)

You don't seem 100% comfortable with your instrument - it's not exactly obvious what the source of that is, whether its setup or bag shape/size or something else, but at your level of playing you really want that instrument to feel like a part of you and you seem to be fighting it a little. The unzipped bag cover is not a great idea though.

Top hand is slightly sharp, and sharpens up throughout - overaggressive moisture control?

Presentationally - iot's a small point, but your walking feels a bit artificial. Piobaireachd contests can be a bit of a funny walks exhibition, but the approach I've always taken is to slowly place one foot in front of the other, very short steps, almost standing still but shifting from one foot to the other.

The single thing that would probably lift this performance more than anything else is improved stamina - running, swimming, weights make a huge difference to playing comfort if you don't already. If you do, then of course the prescription is simply more piping!
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