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Default Re: Dumb Question: Drones vs. Chanter Reed Strength

The efficiency setting ( bridle position) will allow each drone reed to be Ďpressurizedí up to the h2o strength of the warmed up chanter reed...or shut off when reaching it if the tongue is too short. If the tongue is too long ( inefficient) the reed will likely very easily double tone if not just sound poorly.
Get the tenor reeds settings maxed out for best efficiency based on rock hard bag pressure....if you canít chanter screeching...use a slightly stronger chanter reed. Hopefully the bridles are still doing their job...but if fatigued and not holding the tongue strong enough...inefficiency, decreased tone,and double toning will result you can of course swap reeds in the drones to assess if itís the reed or the drone...or try an appropriate tight O ring to augment the bridle.
If considering new reeds..the new Mccallum/ Grossart ( MG) White Mamba reeds got my attention recently.
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