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Default Re: High B and C natural suggestions?

Pikeman’s march, the non-ghb version though still A dorian, has a C nat. You could also play the most common An Dro in NOT B minor, but down 2 semitones in A minor, thus also utilizing the C nat; yes I realize the B minor against A drones is idiomatic but it’s starting to drive me nuts. Thus it would be:

ABcB Ae etc.

Instead of:

Bc#dc# Bf etc.

Having just tried it, do a google search of “Ador” and it will come up with a bunch of tunes that utilize the C nat, preserve the F#, but still end on the tonic A for consonace with the drones. A lot will be outside the scale even with the high B but if you rummage around long enough you’ll find some good tunes.
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